There is a lot of risk involved in trying new technology, but there is also risk in doing nothing. You risk not improving by passing up opportunities.

Basil Hamdan, Colorado


The Green Infrastructure & Forestry Toolkit is your one-stop shop for resources on green infrastructure and urban forestry planning, implementation, and management. GIFT was developed to capture and organize the tools, guides, and stories available online to support people looking to integrate green infrastructure and urban forestry into the fabric of their regions, cities, and communities. Resources are organized in two different ways – according to steps in the ideal planning process, and according to the different action items.

Urban Forestry Management Software

Davey Research Group’s Urban Forestry Management Software can be used to efficiently manage an urban forest.

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Urban Forests and Carbon Credits: One Pathway

This document establishes a pathway to create and trade carbon credits from urban forests.

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I-Tree Tools

The I-Tree suite of tools is the “Swiss Army Knife” of urban forestry.

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