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Four Myths about Urban Forests and Greening Cities II

Written by Larry Wiseman on April 29, 2015

Myth 2:  Only Big Cities Can Make it Happen

Just not so.  And there are dozens of urban forestry and green infrastructure planners who’ll show you how small cities and towns have greened their communities — as well, or even better, than their metro-sized neighbors. Three approaches seem to work…Read More

Four Myths about Urban Forestry and Greening Cities I

Written by Antti Koskenrouta on March 19, 2015

Stick around urban forestry folks for even a few hours, and you’ll hear a lot of what my Southern friends would call “home truths” – simple observations about the way things work in their own particular world.  Just about always, these “home truths” are rooted in experience.  But in a…Read More