Alliance for Community Trees

The Alliance for Community Trees is a non-profit organization dedicated to engaging local communities to improve their natural resources.  The organization has planted over 15 million trees with the help of more than 5 million volunteers.

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Urban Forestry Best Management Practices for Public Works Managers: Ordinances, Regulations, & Public Policies

This guide to best management practices for public works managers covers ordinances, regulations and public policy related to urban forestry.

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Alternative Transfer of Development Rights Transaction Mechanisms

This tool details a strategy for protecting interface lands and urban green space by directing development to selected zones.

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The People’s Plan for a Greener Los Angeles

The Emerald Necklace Vision Plan for the Los Angeles area is inspiring a world-class park network that hopes to one day rival New York City’s Central Park.  Spearheaded by  the local nonprofit Amigos de los Rios in partnership with 61 other agencies the 17 mile loop in the Rio Hondo and San Gabriel watersheds will […]

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The Value of Green Infrastructure

This comprehensive guide introduces readers to the economic, environmental and social benefits of green infrastructure.

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