Envision Sustainable Infrastructure Rating System

Envision provides a framework for rating the economic, environmental, and community benefits of a wide range of infrastructure projects.  It grades and evaluates projects based on 60 sustainability criteria.

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Federal Grant Programs

This Sustainable Communities Partnership page lists grants, assistance, and programs that aid communities in green infrastructure and urban forestry planning and implementation.

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Urban Forests and Stormwater Management

The Center for Watershed Protection, with support from the US Forest Service, created this comprehensive guide to the role and benefits of trees in reducing stormwater runoff.  The page also includes various “stormwater forestry practices” that are designed to maximize the effectiveness of trees in stormwater reduction.

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The Benefits of Investing in Trees

This toolkit was designed to be a source of outreach materials for showing the benefits of street tree and green infrastructure investments. Produced by the California Urban Forests Council, these field-tested tools are adapted for use with multiple audiences.

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Urban Forests and Climate Change

This US Forest Service site explores how healthy trees and forests provide communities with a host of climate-related benefits. The webpage includes an outstanding synthesis of issues, concerns and strategies for managing resilient communities.

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