You Are Here: GIS Map of Cambridge, MA

The Social Computing Group at MIT created this map by analyzing Google Street View images of Cambridge, MA.  It illustrates the amount of green infrastructure in the city and could offer some useful guidance to GIS specialists.

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EPA Air Quality Measurement Site

This page provides a general description of air pollutants measured, methods and links to EPA-generated data sets of air quality measurements.

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Tree Canopy Assessments

This Forest Service site outlines the rationale for, and uses of, systematic tree canopy analysis. It also provides links to techniques for measuring your own community’s tree canopy.

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EnviroAtlas: Eco-health Relationship Browser

This interactive tool from the Environmental Protection Agency allows users to explore a variety of connections between ecosystem services and health.  The comprehensive browser details several types of ecosystems in the United States, the various services they provide, and how they affect people.

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Video: Investing from the Ground Up

This is a great video introduction to the concept of urban forestry and the types of benefits it can provide. Despite coming from California’s Urban Forests Council, the video is useful to all audiences around the country.  

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