National Climate Change Viewer (NCCV)

The National Climate Change Viewer is meant to help forecast future changes in precipitation, temperature, and the water balance for any county or state in the United States.  The tool is useful when planning for climate resiliency and adaptation.

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City of Tampa Urban Ecological Analysis and Management Plan 2010-2012

The Tampa Bay Watershed Forest Working Group conducted an ecological analysis of Tampa Bay’s urban forest in 2006  which helped the city develop an urban forestry management plan.  The major outcome of this plan was the creation of a vision that integrates urban forestry with other planning objectives.  The planning and visioning processes can serve […]

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Video: Benefits of Urban Forests

This is a great introductory video on the benefits and importance of trees and urban forests.

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Creating Collective Impact

Creating Collective Impact details the process — and philosophy — that brings and keeps different players together to create lasting social, economic and environmental change.

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EPA National Stormwater Calculator

The National Stormwater Calculator (SWC) can be used to estimate the amount and frequency of rainwater runoff from sites anywhere in the United States. The calculator accounts for soil conditions, rainfall history, land cover, and more.  

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