State Urban Forestry Coordinators

This webpage lists contact information for Urban Forestry Coordinators in every state.

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Urban Forestry South Resources

This library on the Urban Forestry South website contains a comprehensive list of assessment tools and other resources for effective urban forestry planning.  There are many other useful resources throughout the site.

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Landscape and Human Health Laboratory

Scientists at the Landscape and Human Health Laboratory (LHHL) study the connections between green infrastructure and human health.  LHHL’s website provides a substantial amount of research exploring the link between urban forestry and social issues such as crime and community well-being.

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Common Water Quality Measures

This webpage lists the various measurable factors affecting water quality. Each is accompanied by an explanation of why they are important to the health of a water body.

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Water Harvesting Calculator

This tool estimates the volume of water required for toilet flushing in a building and compares it to the amount of water that a rainwater harvesting system could capture from roofs and parking lots. Inputs include: information on building occupancy, average rainfall, and roof and parking lot catchment areas. Results are estimates of toilet flushing […]

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