Tree Benefit Calculator

Casey Trees and Davey Tree Expert Co. have developed a National Tree Benefit Calculator which allows users to determine the stormwater, property value, energy (both electricity and natural gas), air quality and climate benefits and values for an individual tree.

similar-resources SIMILAR RESOURCES

Urban Forest Management Plan Toolkit

This website has case studies, guidance on inventory, ordinances, monitoring, benefits, and links to other resources. It also includes a guided plan development template.

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Data and Mapping Tools for Identifying Green Infrastructure in Local Communities

This well-established site provides maps and tools that can identify existing and built green infrastructure in your community. The website supports work by local governments and non-profits seeking to assure all communities become more vibrant and sustainable.

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National Agroforestry Center Visual Simulation Tools

These simulation tools provide a visual demonstration of how adding trees improves stormwater management.  They use CANVIS, a free image editing program designed for urban forestry.

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Wasatch Choice for 2040: Process, Tools, Resources and Data

The Wasatch Choice for 2040 includes toolkits for planners, regional data sets, community development and housing guidelines, form-based codes, and scenario planning framework for small communities.

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