Trees are the Key Online Toolkit

This site includes presentations, sample letters, posters, etc. for community outreach.  It was prepared by Fifth Estate Communications for the Sustainable Urban Forests Commission — as part of the Vibrant Cities Initiative.

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Alliance for Community Trees

The Alliance for Community Trees is a non-profit organization dedicated to engaging local communities to improve their natural resources.  The organization has planted over 15 million trees with the help of more than 5 million volunteers.

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Benefits of Trees and Urban Forests

This webpage contains a frequently updated compendium of research related to urban forests, sustainability and data collection methodologies.

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Video: Why Trees?

This stop-action lecture doodle explains some of the basic reasons why trees are important. The video works great as a general primer for those less familiar with urban forestry, despite being oriented towards the southern-USA.

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Metro Parks protects Nashville’s open space

Nashville’s Metro Parks and Recreation Department (Metro Parks) has been working for decades to provide citizens of Nashville-Davidson County with a network of trails and open space. The department pursued a strategy of open space acquisition for two reasons: 1) to preserve Nashville’s quality of life and unique natural character and 2) to protect against […]

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